North Wales Professional Golfers Alliance
North Wales Professional Golfers Alliance

Covid19 Update - Alliance Updates 21/07/20


Whilst we are monitoring the current situations closely we have now tentatviely opened bookings for the 2020/21 season.



This year will see the offering of a contactless payment system. We will still take cash aswell.


Changes to Schedule

There have been some minor changes to schedules, however we hope to be able to keep to shcedule this year. This will be a fluid situation depending on Covid 19, with the safety of our team and members the highest priority.


Online score input

The 2020/21 season will see the availability of an online score entry system. The new systems will be utilised and explained carefully at the first Alliance to ensure all members are up to speed with the options available for players.



With the changes to operating competitions this year they may be a change in the speed of turnaround of results. This is to ensure a thorough decontamination process has taken place of cards and systems. Whilst we will endeavour to get results out as quickly as possible this will not be done at the reduction of saftey procedures to protect our team.




Welcome to the North Wales Professional Golfers Alliance.


The Alliance runs between September and November, then from February through till May.

It runs every Wednesday and we try and move around the North Wales courses.


We are open to Professionals and Amateurs with a Betterball, Pro-Am and Individual format running each week.



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